Bugz Villan

Born July 15th, 1991, Recording artist / composer/ rapper, Bugz Villan, grew up on the southside of Hartford, CT. Bugz already knew that making music was his destiny. His own life experiences give wisdom to street knowledge.

Impacted by his environment, and yet influenced by great entertainers and entrepreneurs such as Jay-Z, Diddy, Drake....Bugz became his own Picasso and mastered his own unique look and artform in the world of entertainment.

To best describe Bugz style of writing, it is like a mini movie. His heartfelt words are deep and cut through almost hypnotically -- transforming you to a visual image -- he is creative and mastered carving his own lane in a competitive industry.

Bugz is currently in the studio recording new music.

Cindy Valentine says this about Bugz, "Gifted is when an artist is able to take you on a lyrical journey and Bugz is able to achieve this"

Brace yourself for the"Bugz Villan" invasion to hit the music scene with a vengeance!

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"Nightmare Into A Dream"

"Released January 16, 2021"

Bugz Villan - Nightmare Into A Dream - cover art
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  • Bugz Villan - "Hennessy"

  • Bugz Villan - "Im Toxic"

  • Bugz Villan - "Hoodie Low"

  • Bugz Villan - "It’s Okay"

  • Bugz Villan - "Hear me now"


"Rapper Bugz brings out a different vibe in his latest song ‘Both Sides,’ album is set to be released very soon!"

Internet Hollywood Vega

I don’t know too much about Bugz but I know he has a pretty dope song titled ‘Both Sides’ on his Soundcloud page. I had the chance to check it out as soon as I got the chance after receiving the link from Bonilla in an inbox message on Facebook.


The sound has a smooth sound that shares the vibe of a Kid Cudi as far as the melody goes. He brings the song more to life with storytelling lyrics that was pieced together with a catchy hook that I feel many people would enjoy. The hook doesn’t seem forced and it sounds balanced with the instrumental that’s playing

"IH Radio: Rap artist Bugz song ‘It’s Okay’ debuts at #4 on Internet Hollywood’s Music Chart"

Internet Hollywood Vega

It was recently announced that Singer Bundy Foxx landed #5, Joe Banga landed #6, and Drugga, Hartford Po, and Bud Cinco landed #7 on the charts with their songs. Now Bugz song 'It's Okay' is getting a piece of the action at #4.

Bugz has been keeping himself active in the independent realm of music whether you been listening to him or not. He has put together multiple collaborations and music video releases since we first written about him. His song ‘It’s Okay’ was also one that received a publication on InternetHollywood.com.





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